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Urban transportation, Transportation -- Planning, Urban transportation policy --Socia aspects


This is the first volume of a five-volume set of publications comprising the report titled “Transit Impacts on Jobs, People and Real Estate.” It is the culmination of four research projects funded by the the National Institute of Transportation and Communities (NITC), a US DOT funded National University Transportation Center. This volume includes a preface that review key findings of the prior four research grants, an executive summary that reviews key findings of all five volumes of the current report, the context that reviews the context of the present research including details on more than 50 fixed route transit systems in more than 30 metropolitan areas that were studied, and Chapter 1 on Developing Place Typologies for Transit Analysis. It presents a method to create a typology of places reflecting such factors as population and employment density, land use mix, centrality to downtowns, among others. This allows us to analyze transit station area outcomes with respect to the milieu within which those stations are located being high-, moderate-, low- and poor-mixed use/accessibility.


This is a final report, NITC-RR-1253, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:

The research data is available online at:



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