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Transportation -- Data processing, Traffic monitoring, Travel time (Traffic engineering)


There is a growing interest in arterial system management due to the increasing amount of travel on arterials and a growing emphasis on multimodal transportation. The benefits of archiving arterial-related data are numerous. This research report describes our efforts to assemble and develop a multimodal archive for the Portland-Vancouver region. There is coverage of data sources from all modes in the metropolitan region; however, the preliminary nature of the archiving process means that some of the data are incomplete and samples. The arterial data sources available in the Portland-Vancouver region and that are covered in this report include data for various local agencies (City of Portland, Clark County, WA, TriMet and C-TRAN) covering vehicle, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle modes. We provide detailed descriptions of each data source and a spatial and temporal classification. The report describes the conceptual framework for an archive and the data collection and archival process, including the process for extracting the data from the agency systems and transferring these data to our multimodal database. Data can be made more useful though the use of improved visualization techniques. Thus as part of the project, a number of novel, online visualizations were created and implemented. These graphs and displays are summarized in this report and example visualizations are shown. As with any automated sensor system, data quality and completeness is an important issue and the challenge of automating data quality is large. Preliminary efforts to validate and monitor data quality and automate data quality processing are explored. Finally, the report presents efforts to combine transit and travel time data and signal timing and vehicle count data to generate some sample congestion measures.


This is a final report, OTREC-RR-430, from the NITC program of TREC at Portland State University, and can be found online at:



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