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With the emergence of several new providers of shared mobility services, such as Uber, Biketown and Car2go, there has been the promise of changes to the traditional way of owning and using a vehicle. One potential consequence of the new mobility services is the reduction in vehicle ownership. At the same time, cities are trying to anticipate these changes by reducing the amount of space dedicated to parking. This thesis aims to asses the extent to which new shared mobility and transportation policy strategies (especially parking requirements and transit pass availability) relate to vehicle ownership among residents of multifamily dwellings. To do this we use a web-based survey targeted to residents of multifamily apartments from Portland, Oregon.

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Edgar Ruas is a civil and environmental engineering masters student at Portland State University. He is a graduate research assistant, and is currently working with a team of researchers to assess the transportation needs of affordable housing residents in California, a project sponsored by the California Transportation Department. He provides strategic guidance to the team by managing funds, monitoring key milestones, providing statistical analysis & model building, as well as presenting findings and policy suggestions to stakeholders.


Car sharing -- Effect on autmobile ownership, Ridesharing -- Effect on autmobile ownership, Transportation -- United States -- Forecasting, Transportation engineering


Civil Engineering | Transportation | Transportation Engineering | Urban Studies

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The Influence of Shared Mobility and Transportation Policies on Vehicle Ownership



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