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The Netherlands sets the standard for their multimodal connectivity. It has world's highest use of cycling and an integrated mobility network with an efficient transport system. During this seminar, Lucas will tell more about the Dutch Approach and how this could be applied to the American transportation context.

Lucas will use the case of the Bay area to show this. The Bay Area in California currently faces massive challenges in transportation because of the enormous growth of the region. With the use of a new innovative modelling tool, the Move Meter (, Lucas will show the potential of an integrated multi-modal mobility strategy for the Bay Region: it results in less congestion and a more sustainable mobility pattern. The realization of mobility hubs are important in this. During this presentation the results of the study will be presented. Moreover, a short preview is shown of what the application of this approach would mean for Portland.

Biographical Information

Lucas van der Linde is a Consultant in Urban Mobility, working for Goudappel Coffeng, the leading consultancy firm in urban mobility policies from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He obtained his Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Utrecht in 2014, Cum Laude, and has worked in the field for four years. As a generalist, he works on a wide range of projects for governmental agencies and developers within the field of mobility in the Netherlands, Unitd and Sweden. This includes designing complete streets, bicycle planning and traffic modeling. In the past years he has specialized in ‘multimodal mobility hubs’, i.e. the concept for new major urban developments within current city boundaries in which high quality bicycle and public transport infrastructure in combination with low parking norms ensures that future inhabitants of those new neighborhoods have a sustainable mobility pattern.


Urban transportation, Transportation and state, Transportation -- Planning, Infrastructure (Economics)


Transportation | Urban Studies | Urban Studies and Planning

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The Success of an Integrated Mobility Strategy: Lessons from the Netherlands for the Pacific West Coast



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