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Existing studies surveying transportation planners in Tribal communities have recognized two challenges: (1) that existing planning analysis tools do not always align with Tribal community context and needs, and (2) that it is not always clear what benefits planning provides to transportation project selection and delivery in Tribal communities. These challenges are outlined in a 2020 FHWA Research Needs Statement titled Making Transportation Planning Applicable in Tribal Communities.

This study, therefore, seeks to align available planning analysis tools to Tribal community needs based on a range of contextual factors, and to quantify the benefits of planning analysis in the project selection and delivery processes. Additionally, this study seeks to ensure that any findings optimize Tribal Transportation Program funding decision-making in Tribal communities. The audience for the study is primarily Tribal planning staff and, secondarily, FHWA’s Office of Tribal Transportation staff and other federal agencies and partners.

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Cole Grisham is a Transportation Systems Planner with FHWA Western Federal Lands. His work focuses on long range transportation planning, particularly in the areas of regional and intergovernmental policy in the American Northwest. Cole is a certified planner through the American Planning Association and hold a B.A. in Political Science and M.U.P. in Regional Planning from the University of Michigan. He is also currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Portland State University, focusing on regional planning and policy in Tribal communities.



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Transportation Planning in Tribal Communities: From Plan Development to Implementation



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