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This presentation provides a broad overview of work conducted by the Oregon Department of Transportation in the field of freight analysis supporting long range planning. The information shared will touch upon the data and tools used to conduct analysis, describe the importance of economic context, and share examples from a range of different analyses. Content will be geared toward building understanding of how analysis is used to guide data-driven decision making in the public transportation sector. The presentation will highlight the importance of testing potential public policy to avoid unintended consequences, evaluate tradeoffs across different policy objectives, and test policy resilience against external forces outside of public agency control.

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Becky Knudson, Senior Transportation Economist, Oregon Department of Transportation - Becky Knudson is passionate about exploring data and generating information from what appears to be wild and chaotic. Becky is a senior transportation economist for the Oregon Department of Transportation with responsibilities ranging from program management to technical analysis. She develops and applies economic, land use and transportation forecast models for use in long range planning and policy analysis. She has worked for ODOT for 25 years, moving to Oregon from North Dakota after earning a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota – Moorhead. Becky earned a master’s degree in Economics from Oregon State University and worked for the state soon after to pursue her goal of public service.



Freight Moves the Oregon Economy