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Staff of the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) will present TriMet's recently published Regional Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) plan, explaining its inception, creation, and delivery. The team will explain how the plan fits within a hierarchy of regional and sub-regional plans and how it delivers transparency to TriMet's TOD program, enabling all stakeholders to participate. Current TOD project examples will be showcased to demonstrate how partnerships can enhance project outcomes and indicate how stakeholders from various backgrounds can influence projects.

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Fiona is a Design Manager with TriMet, the regional transit agency for Portland Metro area. Her background in public service and urban design help her plan, design and manage Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) opportunities for the agency to pursue through strategic public, private and community partnerships. TOD supports the regions long-term vision for growth by realizing equitable transit-supportive density, enhancing human-centered placemaking opportunities, and supporting transit ridership through improved land use and multi-modal access. Fiona is a registered Landscape Architect in Oregon and California. Miles is a Project Coordinator at TriMet, the regional transit agency for Portland Metro area. He supports planning work on the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) team and implements projects for the Space Planning Program. His background is in station area planning, and his professional interests include reducing vehicle miles travelled, promoting efficient land use, and advancing equity outcomes through the built environment.

TriMet & TOD – Opportunities for Growth



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