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The eruption of Mt. Mazama approximately 7,700 years ago created what is now known as Crater Lake. This eruption blanketed the Pacific Northwest with volcanic ash. This volcanic ash has been collected from several locations in Southern Oregon near the Oregon Institute of Technology campus. This volcanic ash has been tested and shown to have properties beneficial of a natural pozzolan. This seminar will present the results of a significant laboratory program to determine the natural pozzolanic capabilities of Mt. Mazama volcanic ash. In addition, information will be presented on a field application using the material to create ADA accessible trail surfaces.


Matthew Sleep, Oregon Institute of Technology

Matthew Sleep is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology. Dr. Sleep teaches courses in civil engineering materials, geotechnical engineering, and geology. Dr. Sleep's research includes the use of natural pozzolans, risk and reliability, and engineering education.


Transportation | Urban Studies and Planning

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Webinar: Natural Pozzolans in the Pacific Northwest and their Beneficial Uses