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Digital badges--much like their analog predecessor the scouting badge-- can tell us a lot about a badge bearer’s accomplishments and skills. We all know that someone who has earned a First Aid badge is proficient in doctoring small wounds, and perhaps even providing CPR! Digital badges function the same way. They certify and communicate an individual’s knowledge, skills, and/or achievements.

Digital badges have been adopted by social media sites such as 4Square to recognize users’ achievements and are growing in popularity. They are being used by educational institutions as a way “gamify” learning and promote student engagement; professional organizations like Educause use badges to certify professional development accomplishments; and the Dallas Museum of Art even uses badges as part of its Friends Membership Program. With the growing popularity of digital badges in social media and education, librarians can learn a lot about this new way that students and communities communicate their knowledge and skills. Maybe some libraries in Oregon will even consider using badges to “gamify” local library and community engagement!

This session will be a primer and workshop on digital badges. Participants will learn the basic theories driving the use of digital badges and be introduced to different badge platforms and tools (such as Credly and Mozilla's Badge Backpack) to create, collect, and share badges. Moreover, participants will engage in discussion about how badges might be used in their libraries and communities. Session participants are encouraged to plan ahead and bring their laptops, tablets, or other devices so they can explore these platforms during the session.


Workshop presented at Oregon Virtual Reference Summit, May 16, 2014 in Bend, Oregon.

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