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Land use -- Planning, R (Computer program language), Land use -- Decision making -- Software


Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit (TPAU) developed a land use modeling tool called the “Land Use Scenario Developer in R” (LUSDR). LUSDR is a modeling tool, written in the “R” language, that may be used to predict and analyze regional land use changes probabilistically, creating a distribution of possible outcomes. It is designed to be integrated with travel demand modeling programs, making it potentially valuable for analyzing the interaction between transportation and land use when assessing various growth-policy and socioeconomic assumptions. This project is Phase 2 for Research and Development of a Land Use Scenario Modeling Tool. It is intended to address several extant deficiencies in the LUSDR modeling tool, each identified below, as a separate research task. The original proposed outcomes of this research were a set of programs, data, and documentation that would comprise a deployable LUSDR package.


Prepared for the Oregon Department of Transportation Transportation Planning Analysis Unit by Center for Urban Studies, Portland State University.

Interagency Agreement 24620 Work Order Contract #6.

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