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Speed limits -- Oregon, Traffic safety -- Oregon, Speed limits -- Research, Automobile drivers -- Oregon -- Attitudes, Express highways -- Oregon -- Speed


The 2003 Oregon Legislature enacted revisions to the statutes governing maximum speed limits on interstate highways in Oregon (House Bill 2661). The legislature authorized a maximum posted speed of 70 miles per hour (mph) for passenger vehicles and 65 mph for heavy commercial vehicles (trucks) on interstate highways. Current maximums are 65 mph for passenger cars and 55 mph for trucks. Subsequently, the Oregon Transportation Commission required a report documenting the expected impacts to a wide range of policy issues. This report presents the results of a comprehensive literature review, analysis of existing data, and expert interpretation of this information to provide decision-makers the necessary context for policy decisions. The report contains chapters on the speed-related impacts and issues pertaining to motor vehicle crashes, enforcement, health, economic, and the environment. With the exception of travel time savings for passenger cars and trucks (and some economic development benefits), this report has found all other issues to be negatively impacted by the proposed speed limit change.


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