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Car sharing -- Oregon -- Portland, Automobile ownership, Automobiles -- Economic aspects, Cooperative societies -- Oregon -- Portland -- Handbooks manuals etc.


So, you want to start a car sharing organization.

The Car Sharer's Companion, researched and written by the team members of CarShare Cascadia Mobility Consultants, is your handbook and resource guide for starting a car sharing organization in Portland, Oregon. After your operation mobilizes, the Companion can continue to serve as a reference.

It comes in two parts.

Part I: An Ignition Guide presents the steps to start up a car sharing operation. Its four chapters cover how to build and incorporate your organization, how to find and serve a market for car sharing, what decisions to make in investment and insurance, and a what strategies to use for managing the operation.

The Ignition Guide encourages you with evidence that, once knowing how, where, with whom to start an car sharing' organization, you can develop an economically feasible, convenient, and marketable enterprise in Portland. The handbook format includes information, advice, and italicized illustrative case studies.

Part II: A Resource Guide is useful for when you seek more in-depth information about the subjects discussed in Part I. It provides a subject index and an annotated bibliography to the sources that inform this handbook. Moreover, it provides a list of potential car sharers--the beginnings ofa network in Portland.

Section I ofthe Resource Guide presents the subject-by-subject resource directory. Its subjects match the four chapters in the Ignition Guide above. For instance, after reading about the best corporate structure in section 1-2 of "Chapter 1: Mobilizing Your Organization" in the handbook, you can turn to the section 1-2 of the resource directory to find an index of sources on corporate form.

Section II of the Resource guide is not arranged by subject. It is an alphabetized, fully annotated source bibliography. Sources include a variety of interviews, meetings, correspondences, and also annotated literature entries that support our findings. Finally, we have provided a glossary ofthe key car sharing concepts that drive the mobility sharing movement. Read these on the following page to prime yourself for your journey into the wonderful world of car sharing. And believe us, it is truly a beautiful place. So turn that page and twist that ignition key. Let's hit the road!


Client: Dr. Richard Katzev, Public Policy Research, Portland, Oregon

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