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City planning -- Oregon -- Monroe, Land use -- Management


In 2017, the Monroe Planning Commission decided to update its Comprehensive Plan, last amended in 1986. As the city continues to adapt to changing demographics and regional dynamics, the need for an updated plan becomes increasingly more urgent. The updated Monroe Comprehensive Plan will be a document that synthesizes the vision of Monnore residents with concurrent planning efforts, meets local and statewide planning goals and regulations, and ultimately serves as a guide for future land use decisions.

In addition to the comprehensive plan update, the City is currently undertaking a number of new plans and projects aimed at aligning growth and opportunity with its community vision, “Monroe Tomorrow,” which was adopted in 2018. These include an ecosystem restoration project with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a riverside district master plan with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

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Prepared for the City of Monroe by Constellation

Faculty workshop advisors: Marisa Zapata and Deborah Stein

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