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Community development -- Oregon -- Weston


Weston was once a prosperous city, home to pioneers, farmers, and an active downtown. Today however, Weston faces many challenges common to communities throughout rural Oregon. The key question for this small city is: How can Weston capitalize on homegrown and regional assets in order to revitalize downtown and maximize the well-being of the community as a whole? Reimagining Weston provides a blueprint for the community to answer this question. This plan is a proactive effort by Weston residents to shape the livability and prosperity of their community over the next 20 years. Reimagining Weston consists of three primary parts: the Weston 2030 Vision Statement, Revitalization Strategies, and Implementation Actions. This project was conducted under the supervision of Sumner Sharpe and Ellen Bassett.


Client: City of Weston, Oregon

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