This collection includes projects completed in the USP 475/575 Urban Design Workshop

The Urban Design Workshop is a professional exploration into the making of urban form. Theory and practice are intertwined in the work of the class that operates as an Urban Design Team, individually and collectively collaborating within research, innovation and design methodologies. Each spring, the subject of the class is selected to give the students an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the City of Portland. By understanding the various systems that comprise the city, the interaction of those systems, the resultant urban forms and how strategic intervention can result in transformative change, the student becomes better prepared to participate as a professional and a citizen.


Submissions from 2017


The Fountain District: Framework Plan, Kara Boden, Alyssa Brook, Jennifer Davidson, Michael Kimble, Julia Lui, Raina Smith, Steven Rosen, Laura Voss, and Victoria Weakley

Submissions from 2016


Halprin Sequence Reimagined, Andrea Villarroel, Nate Miller, Kris Decker, Foster Gough, and Scott Robinson

Submissions from 2015


Making South Downtown Portland, Artur Queiroz, Beth Gilden, Flávia Martins, Hannah Six, John Todoroff, Linn Davis, Maria Schafaschek, Nely Silveira, Sayonara Batista, and Taissa Sanccao

Submissions from 2013


OMSI - Clinton: A Corridor for Invention and Innovation, Todd Borkowitz, Katherine Dahlin, Gena Gastaldi, Kyle Goodman, Lisa Harrison, Szilvia Hosser-Cox, Irene Kim, Shihui Liu, Qi Liu, Lindsey Menard, Julia Metz, Corrie Minor, Eve Nilenders, John Tomasini, John Verssue, and Kate Washington

Submissions from 2012


Weaving Together A Knowledge Community, Aaron Maples, Bob Sack, Brett Walker, Chris Mulcahy, Daniel Navarro-Gomez, Jan Frutiger, Jeremy Grotbo, Melissa Peavey, Sofie Malm, and Steffanie Lorentzen

Submissions from 2011


Clinton Street MAX Urban Vision, Darryl Abe, Allison Duncan, Sheri Fisher, Jay Higgins, Shawn Petch, Susan Rosenthal, Joel Stein, and Huifu Xu

Submissions from 2010


Clinton MAX Station Visioning, Adam Bartini, Annie Bergelin, Ben Weber, Dan Englund, Frank Tigges, Hagen Hammons, Jenny Glass, Jon Vetsch, Kellen Smith, Kyle Gallacher-Turner, Marcy Landolfo, Michelle van Tijen, Nayana Nayak, and Nicholas Falbo

Submissions from 2009


Clinton Street MAX Visioning, Greg Barlow, Allen David, Hannah Dondy-Kaplan, Tammi Hawkins, Emily Rice, Kellen Smith, Ethan Berleman, Alicia Castro, Kathleen Critchlow, Brett Luttrell, and Michael Noonchester

Submissions from 2008


Connections & Edges: 2040 Lincoln District Vision Plan, Andrew Bean, Luke Bonham, Krista Carpenter, Pete Collins, Daniel Costantino, Early Ewing, Kent Gentry, Mark Gilbert, Yuki Hayashi, Amy Hesse, Kaleen Hyde, Zeljka Carol Kekez, Daniel Lyvers, Briana Meier, and Terra Wilcoxson

Submissions from 2007


Evolution of an Academic Village: Vision for Inner South Portland, Scott Beattie, Manzell Blakeley, Allen Davis, Malia Kalahele, Alexander Moore, Michael Pina, Thomas Rousculp, Sky Rousse, Sierra Gardiner, Nick Ofcacek, Oren Eshel, Harleen Kaur, Kenya Williams, and Rey Erickson

Submissions from 2005


A Comprehensive Study of the 4th & 5th Avenue Corridor from SW Market Street to I-405 in Downtown Portland, Adrien Allred, Ellie Fiore, Tiffanie Furlong, Eli Haworth, Heather Kaplinger, Anne Kawasaki, Kate Marcello, Grant Morehead, Justin Wells, Brett Schenk, Sarah Selden, Brian Vanneman, and Alex White