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City planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Urban beautification -- Oregon -- Portland, Neighborhood planning -- Oregon -- Portland, Urban community development -- Oregon -- Portland


The Halprin Sequence is a series of underutilized green spaces in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Once a booming attraction, as time has past and the city has grown, the Halprin Sequence has been forgotten amongst the towers. With a rich history in urban development and design, the Halprin Sequence could offer much more to the people of Portland than it is currently. The surrounding street of Fourth Avenue is also underutilized. The street is primarily used by automobiles, and the sidewalks are not pleasant to walk through.

For a green space network, the Halprin Sequence is in an ideal location. It is tucked away near university campus while surrounded by workplaces and residential housing. However, a major problem is that the surrounding buildings turn their backs to the Halprin Sequence creating a sense of isolation and disconnectedness. We propose strategic nodes and sites of interest along Fourth Avenue to activate the Sequence, as well as Fourth Avenue. Strategic development could act as a "spline" that connects Portland State University to the Halprin Sequence and adjacent communities.

This project was conducted under the supervision of Donald J. Stastny and Edward Starkie.


Created for USP 475/575 Urban Design Workshop.

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