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Literatura y lingüística

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Language and languages -- Variation, Historical linguistics, Sociolinguistics -- Italy -- Sicily, Italian language -- Dialects -- Italy -- Sicily


This study proposes a linguistic-comparative analysis of both Spanish and Sicilian. While numerous linguistic studies have been done on Romantic languages, very few deal with Sicilian, isolated as a dialect of Italian. According to some linguists, Sicilian, as well as Sardinian (spoken in Sardinia), is not a dialect but an independent language per se. It lost its language status when the Italian parliament decided to assign a national language. This research, independently of Sicilian being a language or a dialect, analyses the most important phonetic, lexical, spelling and morphological differences with his sister-language, Spanish. At the same time, some parallelisms with Italian and Latin will be presented to understand better the linguistic evolution of Sicilian. Therefore, our main goal lies on contributing to the analytical canon of studies in both Romantic languages and dialects, and on bringing up the importance of Sicilian, which has received very little attention in the field of linguistics.


Originally appeared in Literatura y lingüística, volume 25, published by Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez.



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