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Indians of North America -- Indian Territory -- History -- 19th century, Indians of North America -- History -- Civil War (1861-1865), United States -- History -- Civil War (1861-1865) -- Indian participation, Indian Territory -- History -- 19th century


This paper explores the Cherokee Nation’s experience in the American Civil War. It delves into the impact of the Civil War on the Cherokee Nation and vice versa. Beginning with Relocation and traditional customs and ending with Reconstruction, the paper investigates cultural, social, and political changes brought on by the war in the Cherokee Nation.


  1. The paper beings by exploring the social and racial customs of the Cherokee Nation in order to add context to the narrative of the war. It similarly sets the stage for the damaged relationship between the Federal Government and the Cherokee Nation by investigating the Trail of Tears.

  2. The paper continues by examining the intratribal division and conflict during the war, deciphering how to long standing rifts within the tribe contributed to the volatile wartime dynamic.

  3. Diving into the war itself, the paper examines multiple sides of the Cherokee experience in the war, including the Union and Confederate perspectives. It investigates different battles that the Cherokee were involved in, as well as different theatres of fighting and public opinion.

  4. Finally the paper discusses the after effects of the Civil War on the Cherokee Nation, including the severity of changes to political, legal, and cultural structure of the nation.

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The United States ‘Civil’ War: The Forgotten Nation of Cherokee People and their Dynamic Wartime Experience