“Let Me Queer My Throat: Queer Rhetorics of Negotiation – Marriage Equality and Homonormativity" is a project that grew from personal tensions the author faced while simultaneously reading critical queer critiques of the marriage equality movement and homonormativity and planning her own same-sex wedding. Rather than argue a clear-cut position, the author explores conflicting discourses on same-sex marriage and openly struggles with her multiple subject positions. Blending photography, personal writing, alternative rhetorics, and traditional academic discourse, the author investigates what's at stake with her upcoming same-sex wedding, while remaining conscious of queer politics. This project argues that queer participation in marriage has the power to undo the category of married rather than round it out, thereby disrupting its historically discriminatory ideologies, regulatory functions, and exclusivity.

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Hillery Glasby is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Ohio University. Glasby’s research centers on the intersection of queer theory and composition studies, queer and alternative rhetorics, and critical, queer, and liberatory pedagogies. Like a typical queer doctoral student, she pays far too much attention to her cat and drinks a lot of really strong coffee.



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