About PDXScholar

PDXScholar is a repository and digital service for gathering, indexing, storing, and making available the scholarly work of the Portland State University faculty, students and staff - and their collaborators from around the world. These open collections, organized and made accessible by Portland State University, demonstrate the University’s commitment to the idea that shared information and academic collaboration are essential to the “progress of knowledge” in our global community.

Why PDXScholar?

PDXScholar maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and expands the reach of Portland State University scholarship to researchers worldwide.

PDXScholar provides a consistent, long-term home for work created at Portland State University. By contributing their work to PDXScholar, faculty, students and staff can be assured that their documents and files will be preserved and be available in perpetuity (which is helpful when placing links to work on resumes, websites, etc.)

What is in PDXScholar?

Our repository hosts a full range of scholarship

  • Journal Articles, Technical Reports, Conference Papers, Textbooks and Research Data
  • Theses and Dissertations written in fulfillment of degrees at Portland State University
  • Creative Works

How can I contribute my work?

We make it easy to archive your work in PDXScholar. We review your publications to determine what can be archived and verify copyright permissions. Email Us your publication list, resumé, or curriculum vitae to get started.

How do people outside of Portland State find work in PDXScholar?

PDXScholar is crawled by Google and other search engines, so anyone searching Google is able to find content related to their search terms in PDXScholar. This means that people outside of Portland State don’t have to know that PDXScholar exists to discover the work within it.