About PDXScholar

The mission of the Digital Initiatives Unit at the Portland State University (PSU) Library is to collect, preserve and distribute the research, scholarship and creative works produced at PSU. We are dedicated to open access and making PSU-authored works freely available and easily discoverable to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of PDXScholar

  • Increases citation impact and visibility
  • Easy to archive and share work with colleagues
  • Amazon S3 cloud storage for permanent preservation
  • Global audience, higher Google ranking, detailed readership reports
  • Unlimited file types: streaming media, images, data, and more
  • Persistent URLs for every item; Digital Object Identifiers for many items
  • Meets data management requirements for dissemination
  • Join over 500 other colleges and universities in network, a shared repository:
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SelectedWorks is an optional service for PSU faculty and staff that displays works from PDXScholar and other accomplishments on a personalized research profile. Similar to an online CV, the SelectedWorks profile serves as a public record of scholarly publications, presentations, and biographical information, such as research interests, grants, affiliations, and curriculum. Once created, an author’s SelectedWorks profile exists in perpetuity, regardless of PSU affiliation. All content in SelectedWorks is optimized for discovery in Google and Google Scholar and is included in the SelectedWorks Author Gallery.

To get started email Digital Initiatives staff your photo, a brief description of your work and research specialties, your CV, and links to personal websites and blogs.

Publishing at Portland State University Library

Our open access publishing program supports open, sustainable, and responsible models of scholarly communication and helps to create a more equitable and robust scholarly communications ecosystem.

Journal Publishing

Portland State University Library provides significant support to five open access peer-review journals through our no-fee publishing program. We provide web hosting for journals and value-added publishing services.

All journals partnering with the Library in this program operate under a Diamond Open Access model: articles are openly available online immediately on publication, and authors are not charged any fees to submit or to publish. Each journal sets their own independent editorial policies, and these vary for each publication. However, all journals are required to ensure that articles published are licensed with one of the Creative Commons Licenses.

More detailed information about each journal’s copyright policy, Creative Commons license and self-archiving policy can be found on the journal’s website. Please contact the journal editor directly for more information about a particular journal.

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PDXOpen: Open Educational Resources

The Library publishes open educational resources (OERs) and open access textbooks to reduce the cost of higher education for students. OERs are freely available to students at PSU and beyond. Through generous donor support, the Library periodically offers faculty incentive grants designed to encourage the use, creation, and adaptation of openly licensed information resources to support learning.

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Conference Hosting

Through PDXScholar, Portland State University Library has online conference and event management tools available to help support scholarly events. By offering a great deal of flexibility and visibility, organizers receive:

  • Custom branding and design options
  • Ensured high search engine discoverability
  • Author submission and peer review workflows
  • Multimedia support for audio and video files
  • On-demand reports to show how often users visit your event
  • Archival long-term access to all materials

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Data Preservation

PDXScholar is a platform where research data can be published. Data published in PDXScholar must be in its final state. Reasons to share your data:

  • NIH, NSF, and many funding agencies require data preservation.
  • Some journals and societies require data publishing and preservation.
  • Increase the impact of your research.

Guide to Data Management

Email Digital Initiatives Staff to learn more about services or submit your work.