About PDXScholar

PDXScholar, the campus repository for PSU, includes over 33,000 PSU-produced articles, presentations, videos, post-prints, and other works that have been downloaded over 13 million times. PDXScholar makes the research and creative works of Portland State University faculty, staff, and students easily discoverable and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our mission is to support scholarship, promote research and cross-disciplinary collaboration, provide access to digital instructional materials created by the PSU community, and record the history of the University.

PDXScholar provides access to:

  • Published scholarly articles by faculty and/or staff
  • Open access textbooks and course materials
  • Open access journals and conference proceedings
  • Student projects, posters, capstones, theses, and dissertations
  • Creative works, webinars, video/audio interviews, historical archives
  • Over 500 other colleges and universities in a shared repository network:
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Our aim is to:

  • Support the University's mission to lead the way to an equitable and sustainable future
  • Save students money through the creation and publication of open access textbooks
  • Support journal publishing to enhance student participation in the knowledge cycle
  • Foster collaboration through the expert gallery and student-centered events
  • Increase citation impact via powerful SEO for higher Google ranking
  • Support unlimited file types: streaming media, images, data, and more
  • Meet data management requirements for dissemination and preservation
  • Facilitate co-creation and showcase research impacting our communities:
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  • Promote and support open access where possible (fewer paywalls for researchers):
    PSU Open Access Publications Policy

Submit Your Research

Faculty and staff can use this form to submit work to PDXScholar and/or SelectedWorks:

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SelectedWorks Faculty Profiles: Expert Gallery

Faculty/staff are eligible to join the expert gallery to further showcase scholarship.

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PDXOpen: Open Access Textbooks & Open Educational Resources

PDXOpen is a collection of open access textbooks and open educational resources (OER).

  • Increases student success by saving students money
  • Provides free high-quality course-specific online textbooks
  • Empowers instructors to engage in new pedagogical models
  • Provides technical support for instructors to implement OER in courses
  • Creates campus-wide partnerships to share expertise
  • Encourages and supports the adoption, adaptation, and creation of OER
  • Leverages the University's institutional repository for dissemination

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Journal Hosting

The Library supports open access peer-reviewed journal publishing.

General Information:
  • All journals are open access and do not charge fees.
  • The platform does not offer subscriptions or print issues.
  • The Library provides consulting and support for editors, authors, and readers.
  • All articles in PSU-hosted journals have Creative Commons licenses.
  • Custom-designed website
  • Online submission forms
  • Tools to manage peer review
  • Usage statistics
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Conference Hosting

Event management tools support established and new symposiums and conferences.

  • Custom-designed website
  • Online form for proposal submissions
  • Schedule of events with session dates/times
  • Multimedia support: audio/video and captions
  • Usage statistics
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Data Sharing and Preservation

PDXScholar meets data preservation requirements for dissemination.

Reasons to share your data:
  • Increase research impact.
  • NIH, NSF, and many funding agencies require data preservation.
  • Some journals and societies require data publishing and preservation.
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