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Harlot of the Hearts


This Creative Nonfiction piece, written two years ago and before my promotion to the Harlot editorial board, describes the personal growth I experienced through this project and the wonderful people involved with it during that time. I'm hoping that I can get you to read it without being teased absolutely relentlessly for it, but I know the chances of that are fairly slim. It's worth a shot anyhow, don't you think? Here's to making a fool out of myself.

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Kaitlin Dyer is a graduate of The Ohio State University and senior editor for Harlot. She is currently grooving to Renan Luce's "La Lettre", Adonis Aqel's "Shiki Shiki Baba" (even if it totally emphasizes women as a commodity), and We Were Promised Jetpacks.



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