Geneviéve Goulet is virtually unknown, but her alter ego, LuFisto "the Super Hardcore Anime," is renowned to professional wrestling fans in Canada, Japan, and Mexico as a competitor who will face all challengers, regardless of gender. This resolve, along with her agency over how her image is distributed to the public, creates Goulet as a positive female role-model in the hegemonics of her chosen industry. I am a fat, twice-divorced male born and living in the American Midwest, so of course I'm a wrestling fan, but in spite of that, there is room in approaching wrestling for intellectual and feminist discourse. This piece is dedicated to Genny Goulet -- LuFisto herself -- who taught me how to be a better fan. She took the time out of her own schedule to answer questions, which is always a daunting situation for a celebrity regardless of whether his or her status is "cult" or "mainstream." On more than one writing project, she has been my muse and my friend. Thank you, Geneviéve.

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Robert Pickering is a candidate for an M.A. in English at Missouri State University, where he currently teaches creative nonfiction as a graduate assistant. He is immersed in popular culture and feminist theory and has previously presented at both the 2011 Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association SW Texas/National Conference, as well as the 2011 Midwest PCA/ACA Conference.



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