masculinity, sexual violence, college campus, hegemonic masculinity, alumni, fraternity, social fraternity


The literature on fraternities and sexual violence has suggested that some fraternity members are more likely to adopt and maintain the values found in hegemonic masculinity (Sanday, 2007). This is significant as it can aid our understanding of how fraternities and hegemonic masculinity play a part in promoting and engaging in sexual violence. This paper investigates existing literature on masculinity and how hegemonic masculinity is enforced through fraternity participation. The literature review explores condoned behaviors and beliefs that endorse negative masculine values, which are fostered in the social fraternity lifestyle between brothers. Those values paired with the strong male social bonds created within the concentrated environment may surface negative and inappropriate behaviors towards women and sex. Implications include a need for ongoing discussion of the relationship between hegemonic masculinity among fraternity members and sexual violence and the importance of identifying strategies to engage with fraternity men about sexuality and sexual violence in more constructive ways. Future research regarding alumni fraternity members and their lived experiences as well as more qualitative research to gain more understanding of fraternity members views on sex, gender, and sexual violence is necessary.



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