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Since 2004, Portland State's Nano-Crystallography Group has provided crystallographic resources including five interactive open-access databases (educational subset of the Crystallographic Open Database (COD), Crystal Morphology Database, Nano-Crystallography Database and Wiki Crystallography Database) as well as a mirror to the whole COD, which is the world's largest openaccess crystallography database (with currently over 235 thousand data entries of inorganic, organic, and metal-organic compounds as well as minerals). Before information can be stored inside of databases they must be put in Crystallographic Information Framework files (CIFs), the framework established by the International Union of Crystallography, and the worldwide standard for representing crystallographic information. Recent findings and crystallographic publications will provide a CIF file with the work, however the older publications need their data to be manually entered as a CIF before they can be accessed by the public. Thus, this particular project focuses on generating and uploading an additional four hundred known structures that can be openly accessed through the website hosted by the Nano-Crystallography Group at Portland State University.



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