Violent Conflict, Governance, National Development, Insurgents, Bandit, and Nomadic


Conflict is inevitable in any organization, however, the dimension at which violent conflicts are being perpetrated in Nigeria is unprecedented. It is to this extent that this study examines the causes, the perpetrators, and the effects of violent conflict on the people and national development in Nigeria. This is with a view to establishing development challenges in Nigeria and proffer pragmatic solutions. The data for the study were gathered from primary and secondary sources. The study revealed that violent conflict in Nigeria could not be dissociated from bad governance manifesting in inequality, injustice, unemployment, and poverty among others. Furthermore, the study revealed that violent conflict has become economic activities, and people provoke it, in other to have food on their tables and keep their bodies and souls together. The perpetrator of violent conflict as revealed by the study included – the pastoralists, insurgents, bandits, and extremists, the majority of whom are youth. The effects of violent conflict in Nigeria included – dispossession of people off the necessities of life; displacement of people; losses of vital parts of their bodies; while many lost their lives. Furthermore, violent conflict has led to the destruction of few infrastructural facilities in Nigeria; ruined many economic businesses; and chased away foreign investors. The study further revealed that violent conflict brought about an increase in crime rates, and consequently an increase in security spending. The study concluded that violent conflict is a clog to national development, beyond this, it is capable of jeopardising the corporate existence of the nation. The study recommends that the government and other stakeholders in Nigeria’s governance and administration should first of all address the issue of poverty and inequality.

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May 2021



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