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Gwynn Johnson

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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Groundwater is essential to communities around the world for drinking, industrial, and agricultural purposes. MODFLOW is a modeling program that uses the three-dimensional continuity equation in a finite difference approach to simulate groundwater flow in an aquifer. MT3D-USGS is a MODFLOW package that simulates contaminant transport. This study used MODFLOW2005 with MT3D-USGS to build a model simulating contaminant transport in Borden, Ontario. A study conducted at the Borden site in 1982 injected a solution of eight solutes to test the transport of contaminants over three years. Initial simulations showed similar transport characteristics for chloride and carbon tetrachloride as compared to observed results. Concentration distributions varied significantly between observed and simulated results. MODFLOW with MT3D-USGS proved effective in modeling transport characteristics for the Borden site.