Featured Collections

The Featured Collections page highlights research impacting our communities, academics, and personal lives. Contact us to add PSU-authored works to PDXScholar, the campus repository.

Archaeology First Thursdays (Anthropology)

Archaeology First Thursdays are an opportunity to take a deep dive into archaeology practice. Each month our distinguished guests present research. You have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss directly with them. Learn more and register: Speaker Schedule

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At This Moment Webinar Series (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Amid a global health crisis and a national reckoning of systemic racism, @ This Moment provides a space for PSU researchers to share their work with the community and help provide context for better understanding and responding to this moment in history. Learn more and register: Event Information

Climate Justice Collection

With the goal of helping researchers find solutions to complex climate change problems and recognizing social justice and climate change are intertwined, the Digital Initiatives team, part of Portland State University Library, created the Climate Justice Collection. Our aim is to highlight the work of PSU researchers, foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, facilitate the co-creation of original research, and support climate advocacy.

Coronavirus Disease Research - COVID-19

This collection showcases journal articles, preprints, and other publications and presentations about the Coronavirus COVID-19 by faculty and researchers at Portland State University. Find more with advanced search: Pandemic and Coronavirus Research

PDXTalks (University Archives: Campus Publications & Productions)

When was the last time you heard a story that made you think? Or moved you to action? Or left you in tears and laughter? That's the idea behind PDXTalks, a showcase of powerful stories from four PSU students and faculty. Hear speakers talk passionately about topics close to their hearts.

Racial and Gender Equity

The Racial and Gender Equity collection brings together a wide variety of research generated by the Portland State University community that is centered on the issues of racial justice, gender equity and related topics. The collection is designed to support people and organizations to interrupt institutionalized racism and sexism while developing knowledge and skills to deepen and broaden diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal, professional and organizational practices.

Tag, We're It (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

This series showcases the breadth and depth of expertise in our college. For each event, we bring together researchers from different disciplines to share their unique perspectives on an important issue of our time. Topics have ranged from climate change to immigration.

The Tulsa Race Massacre: Teaching and Learning Resources (History)

The Tulsa Race Massacre (May 31 - June 1, 1921) involved two days of horrific armed and incendiary attacks by white people on African Americans in Tulsa, Oklahoma, most of whom lived in the vibrant and prosperous Greenwood section of the city. These attacks ended the lives of as many as 300 African American residents and nearly 20 white residents and destroyed 35 square blocks of homes and businesses, commonly referred to as Black Wall Street, reducing the area to rubble. Some 6,000 African American men, women, and children were either hospitalized, imprisoned, or displaced by the violence; about 10,000 total were rendered homeless.

The History Department has partnered with the Center for Public Secrets in Tulsa, with co-sponsorship from the Black Studies Department, to bring forward a series of events and resources to mark the centennial year of the atrocity. Coming right up is a Zoom panel, "The Burning of Greenwood: Voices from Then and Now," scheduled for October 20, 2021. Register Now

Banner Image: Running the Negro Out of Tulsa© Unidentified Photographer, Gift of Brian Wallis

Toward Resilient Futures (College of Urban and Public Affairs)

This monthly speaker series presents cutting-edge research and approaches on the resilience of urban and rural communities and systems to hazards and disasters. The speakers represent the core faculty of Portland State University’s new transdisciplinary Emergency Management and Community Resilience graduate program. The talks will critically focus on local and global issues and share pragmatic solutions. Learn about upcoming speakers and degree programs: Toward Resilient Futures Website