The Masters degree in Economics includes a curriculum with a deep theoretical foundation on micro economics, macro economics and econometrics complemented with applied classes focused on data analysis and a range of topical areas. The Masters students complete a culminating two-course research project designed to guide students through the process of conducting a literature review, identifying a research question, finding appropriate methods and data to answer the research question, answering the question and sharing results and policy implications. Students register for 8 credits total through EC596-Masters Research Project I and EC597-Masters Research Project-II taken during the last two terms of the program. This collection includes the final research project reports that have been reviewed and approved by the instructors.


Submissions from 2022


Does Recreational Marijuana Dispensing Induce Substitution for Alcohol?, Aubrey E. Mange

Submissions from 2021


COVID-19 Lockdowns and Air Quality in the United States, Ashlyn B. Cenicola