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Closed Project

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Spring 2016


Richard Sperry

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Project Management

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ETM 545/645


Wind turbines -- Decommisioning, Work breakdown structure, Project management


Using wind turbines to harness the kinetic energy of the wind to produce electricity has been around for over a hundred years. Wind turbines are a key component in the movement toward reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and replacing with renewable energy sources. However, as advances in wind turbine technology are made, older wind farms require “repowering”. Repowering is the process of replacing older wind turbines with newer, more efficient models that can generate more power. Part of the repowering process involves the demolition of existing wind turbines.

This project proposal describes the project management procedures that will be required to complete the decommissioning and demolition of a single wind turbine. Appendix A presents the “matrix” organizational structure that will be utilized for this project. The president of the company will oversee the project, but will not be directly involved.


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