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Closed Project

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Winter 1995


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering & Technology

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EMGT 520


Failing is perhaps the last thing that most managers think about when embarking on a new project. Yet many projects end with failure, for reasons that are discussed in this paper.

Project management is becoming a more important means to achieving results in innovative companies. The team project examines the failures and successes of projects to analyze root causes of project failures. In a nutshell, successful project management requires excellent planning, good communication, skilled resources and clear expectations. Content analysis was performed on data gathered from a survey of literature and a field survey.

The data was analyzed using fish bone diagrams and spreadsheet tabulations of citing. The results of the literature survey revealed that poor planning, poor communication, resource management, expectations, corrective action process, and organizational structure were causes for failure, respectively. The results of the field survey found that poor communication, poor planning, resources and expectations were causes for failure, respectively.

This project survey results generally support the literature findings. The top 3 reasons for failure are the same: Poor planning, poor communication and resource management. The field survey results were compiled into a list of top learning's


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