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Closed Project

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Fall 1995


Dragan Milosevic

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Communications and Team Building

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EMGT 510


The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of the Intercontinental Team's experiences for a Portland State University Engineering Management 510 course named "Communications and Team Building."

This paper summarizes the results of the decision processes and tools that six individuals (that did not know each other) used to move-in the direction of becoming a team as class and instruction materials became available. Development of a plan for us to move from a stage of individuality toward a team format was a natural first step for six engineers. Logical thinking and approach was a common characteristic even though five different nationalities were represented. A review of skill sets showed strong technical and logical thinking skills and strong individual organizing and dedication skills. Weaknesses included lack of experience in being a team member, conversational difficulties in the semantics of words due to the requirement of listening in English, then converting the message into the native language, thinking about a response, and then converting back into English without losing meaning. This slowed progress and although it would seem to decrease two or more people talking at once, it actually resulted in conversation overload when individuals were finally ready to talk they wanted to break in before they forgot the translation.

Mission: This group of international students will strive for excellence in the individual and group development by learning from and teaching each other Team Building and Communication skills.


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