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Closed Project

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Winter 2010


Robert Dryden

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Advanced Engineering Economics

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ETM 535/635


Asphalt pavements -- Maintenance and repair -- Economic aspects, Public works -- Management, Pavements -- Performance -- Evaluation, Engineering economy


This paper presents a strategic economical decision for a public construction project consisting of roadway rehabilitation and the impacts associated with the users of the roadway. This rehabilitation project is necessary because it not only helps to solve the problems of traffic congestion and degrading infrastructure but also strengthens the economic status within the City through construction jobs.

In order to maintain good stewardship of the citizens' tax dollars, the use of engineering economics is necessary to guide the City leaders to choosing a rehabilitation alternative that most efficiently utilizes the taxpayers’ money, establishes a perpetual roadway, and minimizes user costs. This document will integrate the economic theories and use them to explicate which alternative is accessible, reliable and effective to promote a reconditioned wearing surface. Furthermore, this analysis method can be completely imitated for other roadway rehabilitation situations of varying nature as proven in the end of this paper.


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