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Dundar Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering & Technology

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EMGT 520


Following the steps of ISO 9000, in 1996 the International Standardization Organization will adopt ISO 14000. ISO 14000 is the standard that deals with environmental management practices rather than products specifications. The purpose of this project is to specify the major issues that the US industry will be dealing with prior or by the time the ISO 14000 becomes a reality and then draw some expectations. The major issues that the project focuses on are the organizational strategies, policy, planning, organizing, and culture. On the other hand, because ISO 14000 is still in its draft stage, the expected implementation of ISO 14000 is drawn by comparison with the other management system standard ISO 9000 (of quality management), which is under implementation now. Two cases conducted at the EMP department of PSU have been studied. As a result, ISO 14000 will help the organization to be more innovative, with better performance, cut the waste costs and become more competitive. In the meantime, this project gives the companies an outline of the major issues that comes along with ISO 14000. Also, it is recommended the US industry prepares itself for the implementation as soon as possible.


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