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Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2010


Jeffery Busch

Course Title

Project Management Tools

Course Number

ETM 546/646


Tablet computers -- Development, Project management, Technology -- Management, Risk management


In order to continue its streak of successful high tech devices, PMT2 has decided to dive into the world of electronic tablets and develop the first generation of a product called PMTablet. With heavy competition from iPad and Amazon‟s Kimble, it is imperative that PMT2 reach the market as soon as possible with a quality product with all features necessary to keep it in the battle with the competition. If the features list for this new product was not enough of a challenge for this project, the company has decided to finish the project in record time. There is a lot of pressure in respect to time-to market. The combination of risk due to technical complexity of the project is multiplied by the time-to-market pressure. In order for PMT2 to increase its chances of success on this project, the company has tasked the authors of this report to create a company wide Risk Management System (RMS) in order to identify, monitor and mitigate risk. This report details the structure of the RMS created by the project management gurus of PMT2. With their arsenal of latest and greatest PM tools, this report will take you through the detailed Scope assessment of the project using WBS; followed by a thorough Risk Analysis procedure resulting in a PI Matrix; naturally backed by a bulletproof Risk Response Plan; scrupulously simulated by a Monte Carl analysis; all combined to successfully mange the risk of a project of this magnitude.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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