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Closed Project

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Spring 2008


Dragan Milosevic

Course Title

Project Management Framework

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EMGT 510


Realizing the importance of unifying the company project management practices and aligning the standard with the current business strategy, the Project Management Frame work concepts are utilized to offer better solutions to A.P.E.S – Advanced Programming and E-Commerce Solutions. Executives in the most cutting-edge businesses are taking Project Management ahead of specific projects in manufacturing, product development, and IT, and adopting its most influential and powerful methods company-wide. But there are few challenges that keep all the teams, departments, and divisions aligned with larger organizational goals. That’s where the Project Management Office (PMO) and its benefits come in. In this report we utilize the concepts of Project Management Framework to implement them at a start-up Software Development company.. To do this, an internal high level team is formed for guidance and implementation of company-wide Project management standardization. In this report, starting with the company’s profile, the current situation of the company is analyzed considering Project Management culture, overall standard processes, Portfolio management and project office importance. Then, a corrective strategy is proposed to improve the company’s Project Management practices by following the P3M3 maturity model with several specified initial action plans. Finally, Deploying a special Information System that deploys the Project Management new standards is highly recommend.


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