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Closed Project

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Spring 2016


Antonie Jetter

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


Motor vehicles -- Automatic location systems -- Marketing, Motor vehicles -- Automatic location systems -- Business planning, Technology -- Marketing


AutoMap is a company which was started in 2013 to sell vehicle locating systems to car dealerships. After unsuccessfully trying to sell its product, AutoMap redesigned and created a new product which was significantly less expensive and easier to use than other vehicle locating systems available. Due to the funding of the company, it is effectively a new startup company trying to sell a new product.

The new product could potentially be sold into various markets which need vehicle locating systems. Due to various issues mostly relating to AutoMap being a startup company, of the five markets investigates, only the auto dealer market is viable. The auto dealer market was further subdivided into segments based on market need, which aligned with the dealership inventory size. The segments which were the most compelling were the medium to large dealerships. Unfortunately, with over 4,500 dealers in those markets, it seemed too difficult to make a connection with a significant number of those dealers. This is in part due to the personas of the decision makers and their influencers. It is difficult to approach them. Since the sales force is most directly benefiting and impacted by the use of AutoMap’s solution, they should be approached and shown the value of the product to them personally. Although direct marketing will be most effective, some customer visits will also help.

An additional route to penetrate the market would be to partner with software companies which are already installed at the dealerships. An obvious example would be dealer management systems. Other examples would be key tracking systems and inventory management software.


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