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Fall 2005


Dundar F. Kocaoglu

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Engineering Management and Technology

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As the global economy increases, the opportunities for outsourcing will continue to grow. Outsourcing agreements are made for a variety of reasons, although primarily for economic gain. While many of these agreements result in gains for the companies involved, frequently there are problems. Quality has received a significant amount of discussion as a problem area of outsourcing; basically, products resulting from outsourced operations are of lower quality. With this hypothesis in mind, the authors conducted a literature review of material pertaining to the issue of quality in outsourcing, with the intention of identifying the key issues involved. The authors did not intend to answer the question of whether outsourcing results in lower quality or not. The authors then conducted a multiphase research effort to identify what material has been published on the subject matter, and then analyzed the material to determine the specific issues being studied and the areas lacking in significant study or requiring further study. Using a variety of academic electronic search tools, the authors developed a list of possible articles from the leading academic and trade journals, based on the keywords of outsourcing, technology and quality. From a list of over 600 potential articles, the authors culled the list substantially by excluding several industries and industry segment. After a review of article abstracts, the authors selected 27 articles for review.


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