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Fall 2017


Charles Weber

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Team Building and Communication

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ETM 522/622


Virtual work teams -- Management, Virtual work teams -- Evaluation, Technology -- Management, Teams in the workplace


A virtual team is a group of people who work together across time, space and organizational boundaries.Virtual teams came into existence as the work expertise is distributed globally and it provides more flexibility to the employees. The members of a virtual team have varied skills and they work towards achieving a common goal.

To explain the challenges faced by virtual teams we have studied research papers and case study for whom the only economically and practically means of communication was asynchronous and synchronous computer-mediated communication. This research paper highlights the challenges of making and keeping trust in a virtual team whose team members are in different time, in different space and from different culture.The outcome was that virtual teams face a type of swift trust but such trust can be broken quickly and easily. This research also, discusses the challenges which will be faced by the leader of virtual teams. This is an important aspect because now, in virtual teams, leader will have new challenges to establish the leadership. Few reasons are because, it is difficult to get the leader’s presence recognized in the virtual environment. Also there are other aspects such as, there are no particular roles defined for this system. Thus it makes difficult for a leader to play the role.

In our research we examine how the new downsized organizational environments have replaced the traditional face to face teams and utilized the new telecommunication technologies to bring up a virtual organization. And how the concept of virtual teams aligns with the employees who are more familiar and interested in making use of the emerging technologies in their workplace.

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