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Winter 2016


Tugrul Daim

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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ETM 555/655


Internet of things, Wearable technology, Electronic surveillance -- Equipment and supplies, Technology -- Management


Parents will use any and all means to protect their infants, and would want the peace of mind of knowing that their baby is safe against dangers like SIDS, choking, crib dangers, and others. Supporting their mission “To improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation”, Philips has developed Mimo, a smart and accurate baby monitor that helps moms and dads get the reassurance they need to rest better.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor provides all the information parents want, whenever they want, and wherever they are in the world. The monitor is a machine washable outfit with respiration sensors that provides a constant stream of data about a baby’s sleep activity, breathing pattern, body position, skin temperature, and live audio, sent to an iPhone, iPad, or Android, and in realtime. The sensors do not actually touch the baby’s sensitive skin to make it safer.

Mimo’s main targeted customers are first time parents who tend to be more concerned about infants health and needs, and busy parents who need to rest better at night in order to be more effective during the workday. Conjoint Analysis was used to figure out the customer needs; Mimo aims to meet those needs at a lower price point compared to the competitors.

Philip’s direct and indirect channels of distribution that exists in different parts of the world will be leveraged on in the distribution of the product. In addition, multiple media outlets such as social media, television, and baby magazines, will be used to achieve the needed level of reach and awareness. We are forecasting to capture 30% of baby monitor’s market by the end of 2020.


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