Power2GO SolarSheet

Don Hallum, Portland State University
Goutham Ketineni, Portland State University
Khalfan AlMuhairi, Portland State University
Mathias Sundardi, Portland State University

This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University


At an ever increasing rate, today’s mobile professional needs immediate access to information stored in electronic devices. Whether it is through the use of a lap top computer, a cell phone, or a synchronized personal digital assistant (PDA), the business person holding up-to-date information at their fingertips often possesses a competitive advantage for their company. Business travelers are often away from access to the power grid for extended periods of time. A loss of power to any of their electronic equipment at the wrong time can mean lost sales due to inadequate preparation time or a lack of critical decision-making data, resulting in a loss of credibility in their customer’s minds and a loss of revenue for their company.

This report contains the marketing plan for a new product, Power2Go’s SolarSheet. The SolarSheet is a source of power for electronics that uses photovoltaic cells to extract the sun’s energy. It is available in two models for business and recreational applications; with or without an integrated battery pack. The standard, low-end model is capable of powering small electronic equipment during daylight hours, while the power output of the high-end model is adequate to run or charge a laptop computer around the clock.