Yucel S. Helimoglu, Portland State University

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Turkey’s acceptance to the European Union (EU) has been shown to be issue for decades. First application to join to EU has come from Turkey in July 1959. Turkey and EU has signed Ankara Agreement in 1963 that aimed to bring Turkey into a Custom Union with the EU and eventually a full membership for a future date. Turkey has joined EU Custom Union finally in 1995. According to this consequence, Turkey has waited more than three decades to become a member of a EU Custom Union. (1) (2). As the formal talks for the full membership between EU and Turkey began about a month ago, some red flags of the disagreement to come were again emerging. No matter what “it will be a very difficult process in the coming years” says Turkey’s ambassador to the U.S., Faruk Logoglu. The general expectation in World politics is Turkey could join to the EU earliest in 2015.

I am exploring Turkey’s challenges that occurred on this difficult task or tasks. The main task is to become a full membership in EU.