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Fall 2017


Antonie Jetter

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Fuzzy Front End

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ETM 543/643


Technological innovations -- Forecasting, Diffusion of innovations, Ethnology -- Computer network resources, Transhumanism movement


Industry has already been set as a precedent that lead users are indicators for future products and areas of forming trends. By following where these lead users come from, understanding their motivations and intent of use can help discover new products. In this paper there are two groups under the ideological umbrella of Transhumanism, “Grinders” and “Biohackers” which are fringe groups where we felt there were possible lead users. To study them, we employed the use of the Unified Theory of Adoption and Use of Technology as a framework to gain an understanding of their characteristics and motivations. By doing so, we understood them well enough to apply netnography in conjunction with lead user characteristics to identify lead users on internet forums. From our research methodology, we found lead users within these two groups and possible marketable products. Some of which include implantable technology and methods to better understand people’s nutritional needs through genome testing.

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