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Closed Project

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Fall 2005


Charles Weber

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Innovation Management

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EMGT 510/610


Have technological innovations shaped society, or is it the other way around? I think that innovations serve two purposes, sometimes the purpose is to satisfy a market need, but other times is to keep a company alive. In the later, can we be sure that the innovation is satisfying a truly human need? Is there a linkage between the trigger and the purpose of an innovation? Is technology shaping the world, rather than society through technology? In this paper I argue that real market need does not exist. Technology push is the main source of innovations. Today’s market need is only a long lasting effect of previous stimulation of demand made by earlier technology push innovations. High tech companies take advantage of that already stimulated market need to promote their technology push innovations, so they do not have the need of stimulating a new demand. In this paper, the difficulties and challenges that some technology push innovations such as automobile safety systems based in Artificial Intelligence, electric cars and fuel cell cars are analyzed through the “Perilous Path of Technology Push Innovations”. It is emphasized the need for stimulation of demand and for education.


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