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Fall 2017


Richard Sperry

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Project Management

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ETM 545/645


SpaceX (Firm), Project management, Artificial satellites in telecommunication -- Technological innovations, Satellite constellations


As of June 2017, only 51% of people worldwide have access to the internet. The goal of this project is to deploy the world's first global satellite internet service capable of servicing both internet backbone infrastructure and end consumers across the globe.

Founded in 2002 SpaceX has revolutionized the space launch industry, with the end goal of making Humans a multi planetary species. This effort requires significant funding resources, which has led to the pursuit of business opportunities beyond the launch market where SpaceX currently does the majority of its business. By providing global internet coverage, SpaceX stands to make a profit of $15 Billion by 2025, proving the funding necessary to further the company's long term goals.

The FCC has approved the proposal to deploy 4,425 satellites into 83 different low earth orbital planes. It is stipulated in this approval is that 50% of the constellation must be deployed within 6 years, with the remaining deployed within 9 years. These deployment timelines imposed by the FCC are critical to the success of the full constellation. Failure to meet these deadlines could result in the revocation of the operating license, and a loss of all investments made in the development, production and deployment of the constellation.

The objective of this project is to launch and successfully deploy the prototype satellites into orbit. The project team headed by the Project Manager has prepared a baseline schedule and budget for the project. The project start date is Monday, January 1st, 2018 and takes 109 working days to finish. Any delay in the baseline schedule results in the extension of the extended project. This affects the regulatory compliance, revenues, competitive advantage and reputation of the firm. Thus, it is a mission and time-critical project which needs constant monitoring and evaluation.

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