Document Type

Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2005


Tugrul U. Daim

Course Title

Management of Engineering and Technology

Course Number

EMGT 520/620


Foundry selection and process is an important technological management to an IC design house. A successful and cost effective foundry management can secure their product to market on time and ahead over their competition. This project presents a management model for international multiple foundry selection and process. In a multiple source foundry environment, the fabless (IC design house) maintains partnership with several different foundries to diversify the risk of capacity shortage and natural disaster and fine-tunes foundry process to produce their product with high quality and productivity. To create a practicable and useful management model, the logic of innovation process is referred [1] to provide managerial information for a cyclic product introduction. An integrated circuit (IC) fabless case (nVidia) is presented for study to this project. Results in this study not only confirm the practical nature of the proposed model, but also demonstrate the capability of proceeding.


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