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Closed Project

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Winter 2017


Tugrul Daim

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Decision Making

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ETM 530


This paper presents a limited framework using Hierarchical Decision Making model with STEEP perspectives to assist in site selection for an environmentally focused waste energy conversion project. The framework in limited in that the structure presented is a stem, the beginning, and should be expanded upon if used. Examples of expansion criteria are given in this document to be considered along with relevant criteria derived from specific company and project background. When choosing where to implement an energy-sector green project on a global scale there are countless factors that can help a project succeed or fail. Literature research yielded consistent and historical vetted cases where STEEP (social, technical, environmental, economic, political - sometimes abbreviated to PEST or PESTEL) perspectives were proven effective. This paper presents a model where project locations can be plugged in and relative weights can easily be assigned to suggest and categorize locations. To prove the model, a sample case study was used against the limited model for the company Pyramid Power in an endeavor to select a location for industrial diesel generator heat capture tooling. This tooling improves energy output by as much as 30% without additional fuel. The scale and success of this initial project are crucial to the success of the company, thus site selection is a top priority.


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