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Closed Project

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Spring 1994


Richard F. Deckro

Course Title

Total Quality Management I

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EMGT 510


The era of re-engineering manufacturing processes has matured, while the era of re-engineering service-information processes is in its infancy. Re-engineering and TQM of service-information processes are the biggest topics for the 90's. A poll conducted by ComputerWorld magazine, found re-engineering and TQM were the most important activities to many companies' businesses. The Information Systems (IS) group will be a major player in successful re-engineering of programs in service-information processes. The IS group has the background and knowledge regarding what can be accomplished using computers. For this reason the ideas of reengineering are explored from the point of view of the IS group. This paper presents 6 principles based on Hammer's principles. All these principles should be kept in mind when starting any re-engineering project.


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