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Closed Project

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Spring 2006


Charles Weber

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Communication and Team Building

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EMGT 522/622


Teams in the workplace -- Management, Knowledge management, Communication in organizations, Intercultural communication


Team GUTS came to be after a group of five turned into a group of four during the Engineering and Technology Management class in the spring of 2006. We came up with the name after figuring out what each members country of origin was, Ghana, United States, Turkey and Somalia. The team got off to a slow start but picked up speed after the location of the meetings was changed and group members got to know each other a little better. GUTS followed the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning stages. The small road blocks we encountered moved the team backwards in the stages but after overcoming the obstacles we bonded and were performing like a well oiled machine. The team was able to keep performing even when they were suddenly cut down to three in the last week. We all agreed that we gained valuable knowledge about teams during the ten week course.

The little obstacles a team has to overcome, for example: tight deadlines and team member miscommunications can actually help a team bond if handled constructively. With four busy group members that all have jobs along with class obligations, scheduling meetings was a difficulty we quickly had to work through. A group of people can definitely bond and become a team within ten weeks. Even major obstacles can be overcome and not slow the teams progress.


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