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Closed Project

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Spring 2006


Antonie Jetter

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Human Side of Technology Management

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EMGT 510/610


Employees -- Rating of -- Methodology, Technology -- Management, Portland State University -- Personnel management -- Case studies


In all of history, perhaps the most important discovery in human performance is contained in words: “There are no limits on what you can achieve except the limits you accept in your own mind.”

Every individual’s performance varies with one another. It is a no easy job to measure performance. We need to remember that the performance appraisal process is ongoing; Performance is reviewed daily, weekly, quarterly. There should be no surprises during the review. One should not save all the problems occurring in the previous 12 months and unload them during the appraisal. It is hoped that most problems are addressed when they occur.

Today, industries have traditionally played a key strategic role in Performance Appraisal Systems (PAS). This project talks about some methodologies implemented and issues pertaining to it. A forum attended on Portland State University’s PAS helped us in valuing our input by comparing the methods to scientific literature into making this report.

Appraisal, “which is a basic human tendency to make judgements about those ones working with you as well as oneself”, is both inevitable and universal. In the absence of a structures system of appraisal, people will judge the work performance of others including subordinates informally and arbitrarily. This can create serious motivational, ethical and legal problems in the workplace.


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