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Winter 2005


Charles Weber

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Innovation Management

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EMGT 510/610


One of the most famous and useful invention in the field of communication is telephone. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, the telephone has made our life so much easier and more productive. These telephones transmit electronic pulses that would then be converted to sound that are comprehendible to us humans, but these telephones are big and bulky and they need wires to transmit these pulses. So they need to be fixed at a particular location. Today in this technological world, when everything is mobile, telephone was also not far behind in becoming mobile and making our life very simple and easier. The mobile telephone simply called as cell phone is designed to give the user maximum freedom of movement while using a telephone. The cell phones in the 1980’s were expensive and had big battery packs and large cases, which made them heavy to carry. Now a days, technology came out with cellular phones which are of the size of a candy bar. With today’s cell phones we could surf Internet, page people, send emails, and voice mails.

In this paper, I try to discuss all the scenarios that led to the modern day cell phones, which are cheaper, smaller and the ongoing innovations, according to the consumer needs, in the cell phone industry and also the possible uses of the cell phones in the future. This paper is organized as follows: the first section gives an introduction the field of cell phones, the second section talks about the history and background about telephones and cell phones, the third section describes the various ongoing innovations about cell phones, the fourth section talks about problems with cell phones and some side effects of using them and finally the fourth section talks about the future work in the field of cell phones.


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